Our Wedding

After being together through the last 2 months of high school, all four years of college, and a move to a new city, we got married on our 6th anniversary: April 4, 2009. It was a wonderful day! There were so many things that I loved about our wedding. Here are the things that made our day so perfect:


1. We got married at Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville. The main reason for getting married at FCC was that I loved their mouth-watering Friday night pasta bar.

2. Thankfully, there were many other perks, such as the beautiful, historic location and the amazing views. Just look at the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background!

3. There were also outstanding gardens and areas for pictures.

4. Our photographer, Sarah Cramer (now Sarah Cramer Shields), was truly unbelievable. She absolutely captured us, our family, and the day in such a way that told a story. She was absolutely everywhere, getting images of every minute detail while still blending in to the background so as not to be intrusive. I still can’t thank her enough for the day-of hints, such as to eat during some downtime or asking us newliweds to leave the reception for a minute because the lighting was perfect outside. She was worth every single penny. She is someone that I will always be thankful for. She will be the Doyle Family Photographer for life!

5. Our wedding cake, done by the amazing Raegan Gibson of Sweets and Soirees was perfect. This cake was truly delicious: 4 layers of almond cake with a European butter cream frosting (which tasted like sweetened butter). It was understated and beautiful!

6. The Farmington pastry chef went all out for our groom’s cake. This was a surprise for Tim, and it was absolutely perfect, right down to the score on the scoreboard!

7. We were also able to get a special guest to surprise the Doyle family (and Tim). It is actually very easy to have the Hokie Bird come to your wedding! This made the entrance to the reception (to Metallica’s Enter Sandman) even better!

8. Because we both are from different religious backgrounds, we wanted to have a ceremony that reflected both of these beliefs. For Tim, we did a candle lighting (although the candles wouldn’t stay lit). For my family, we signed a ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) before the actual ceremony.

9. Our family and friends came from near and far. They came from all over the country, and it was amazing to feel the love from them!

10. The Tucker surprises never stopped amazing us. From the formal clown noses, to my brother’s serenade, to the Tucker Family Prank of 2009 (my poor car), this was a fun(ny) evening.

11. All of the DIY touches really made this a personal wedding. I loved it even more when my dad, during his toast, mentioned that we made everything by hand. There were a couple of surprised murmurs, which made this DIY-er feel so good!

12. Six Words: Big Ray and the Kool Kats. I have known Ray Caddell since, well, forever. He and his band really know how to make one amazing party. This was one party that was rocking from the moment our guests went in for cocktails. I knew that I didn’t have to worry about a thing with Ray leading the way. Thank you so much, Ray!!!


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