I Love Lucy (The Dog)

We had come across the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever breed by accident, when a dog breed quiz made them our #1 match. We were intrigued by this unusual breed, and we got the AKC breeder list. We found Tiana Tollers on that list, and they were the only ones in Virginia. What was even more exciting is that they lived about 40 minutes from us! We scheduled a date to meet them and their 4 dogs in the fall 2010.

We fell in love! Later on, they bred Bounce, and Lucy and Cali were born on January 29, 2011. Tina and Anthony kept Cali, and we got Lucy! Her official AKC registered name is “Tiana’s Goldwyn Girl.” Lucy could not have been more perfectly named. The name was inspired by the red-headed Lucille Ball (one of her first professional jobs was as a Goldwyn Girl at MGM), and she matches her namesake to a T. Lucy (the dog) is quirky, energetic, forever happy, goofy, has exaggerated facial expressions, and everyone that meets her truly loves her.

Visiting Lucy (when she was 10 weeks):

The weekend that we brought Lucy home (April 16-17, 2011):

June 22, 2011:

July 19, 2011:


From l-to-r: Sister Cali, Momma Bounce, Lucy (1st Birthday Party: January 2012)

February 18, 2012:

May 2012, with Lucy’s “Uncle” Max:

July 2012 at Camp Tucker:



Lucy in December 2012 after a day of playing fetch: 20121228-214902.jpg

Lucy likes to help with the blog:20121228-214620.jpg

Lucy while trying to get off her Santa hat (December 2012):


Always mugging for the camera:IMG_2734


More Pictures Coming Soon…


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