Powder Room

This was our first DIY room. When we bought the house, the inspection showed that there were problems with the subfloor in this bathroom. We had it corrected before closing, but whoever fixed the flooring did a horrible job with the baseboards and walls. Look at those holes! We didn’t notice this until we actually moved in. The entire perimeter of the bathroom looked like this:

So, our first summer in the house, we decided it was time to repaint and freshen up the bathroom. Here are some more pictures of the old bathroom:

Look at that cheap mirror and the funky ceiling! This bathroom is right under the stairs. Watch your head!

Ew! Look at those baseboards!

We wanted a grey bathroom, but we didn’t quite get grey. Oh well, we both love blue!

Yes, I realize that I look like a tape monster. When we were cleaning up the blue tape, I just stuck it to me, instead of making a ball. It was easier that way. That was a ton of tape for just a small bathroom. Tim thought I looked funny, so he snapped this picture.

Here’s the finished bathroom:


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