Living Room

Our favorite living space:

I love our built-in bookcases!

A close up of a few of our shelves:

The other side of the living room. Toby is in his favorite spot.

Our desk area:

The butterflies from our trips together. They used to live in my classroom, but I wanted to be able to enjoy them at home as well.

The owl is my favorite:

Lucy’s crate corner:

The piece of the Panama Canal from our honeymoon. In the picture, you can actually see the section from where it came. It literally fell off in Tim’s hand when we touched the wall of the canal. As they were working on updating the canals, they told us that any pieces that fell off, we could keep. To understand the size, the small picture in the bottom left corner is credit-card size.

Seashells from our travels. There is certainly room to grow:

This is how Lucy typically tells us that she wants to come in.

The view with the fireplace:

Details of the fireplace and mantle:

And our last, hidden secret of the living room… the coffee table:

Where to Find:

Couches and Armchair: Bassett Furniture
Oriental Rug: Haynes Furniture
Coffee Table: Room Store
Painting: “Sunday Morning Regatta” by Marko Mavrovich (from our honeymoon)
Table Lamps: inherited from my grandfather
Dog Bed: Costco
Dog Crate: PetSmart
Desk: Costco
Virginia Tech Desk Lamp: Virginia Tech Bookstore (a gift from my mom)


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