Craft Room

Here is the before. Notice the partially-finished projects, the mess, mismatched bins, the unorganization. Ick, ick, ick!

Look at these “business” supplies for my Thirty-One business. How in the world can I find what I need in that pile of mess?IMG_1995

This is not what I call organized.IMG_1996

So, I decided to take an inventory. What do I have? What categories would that fit in? If I could design a dream system for me, what would it look like? Well, here it is:IMG_1997

So, we went out to look for containers in the local stores.IMG_2005IMG_2007IMG_2008

Eh. They were all okay, but if I got the clear ones, you could really see the messiness inside. Also, they were expensive and/or didn’t fit perfectly in the shelving. The fabric ones were from Target and would have fit PERFECTLY. The only problem was that they were REAAAAAAALLY expensive (because I needed so many of them), and they would have been difficult to label with the indoor/outdoor vinyl that I had.

So, I got the okay to go ahead and purchase the bins from Land of Nod. Tim helped me pick out the color (I really love that shade of green), and all I had to do was wait. When they came in, I quickly organized and labeled, and voila! Now, here is the whole craft room:


This is a second Expedit that we have in the room to hold our books. Lots and lots of books.IMG_2534

This shelf is on a third wall and houses fabric. I just had too much fabric for the bins in my Expedit.IMG_2535

I absolutely love that I can have a bin for finished projects that need a home (if I’m not giving them away).IMG_2536

And since I actually stole this room from Toby, we put a cat door in the closet, so he can still get to his food, water, and litter and Lucy can be in the room. It’s Toby’s little sanctuary.



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