April Fool!

Happy April Fool’s Day! When I played Lucy in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, there was a terrific short scene where I (Lucy) talked to Charlie Brown:

Today is April fools day Charlie Brown. I think I’ll play a little trick on you. I think I’ll try a little trick. You understand what I’m saying don’t you? You understand this is April fools day? You sure? I want to be certain you understand. Okay! Hey Charlie Brown, guess what! That little red-haired girl is over there and she wants to give you a hug and kiss.

Really? Wow, this is fantastic!

April fool!! Just like shooting fish in a barrel.


(Yes, that is me with my best “mean girl” persona.)

Well, today is Lucy’s favorite day of the year. The day that you can play tricks on the most gullible Charlie Brown-ers, and you aren’t considered to be a meanie pants. Or maybe you are, but you just don’t care.

Happy April 1!!!

So, what’s your favorite April Fool’s Day joke?

I’ll start: I love this idea of Jello instead of juice.

I mean, who doesn’t love Jello? Plus I always used to eat it after slurping it up a straw. Ah, childhood!

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