My (Donated) Coupon Clutch Giveaway on Belly Blog

My dear friend Sarah (from A T-Shirt and Pearls) is expecting her first little one this summer, and she has been quite busy. Not only is she a rockin’ kindergarten teacher at our school, about to celebrate her 4th wedding anniversary (I know this because we got married on the same day!), a great blogger, a soon-to-be mother, and great cook, but she is also a Scentsy, Velata, and Grace Adele consultant.

Recently, with her regular blogging, she has also been writing for the Belly Blog. Her newest post is wonderful, because it is about budgeting when you are getting ready for a baby. I’d like to claim that Tim and I turned her and her hubby on to Dave Ramsey and our “envelope” system.

Well, keep reading the whole post, because at the bottom, there is a giveaway from yours truly!

This coupon clutch is truly the best! Tim and I have it in a different pattern, but we use it daily for our “envelope” system… much better than bulky or flimsy envelopes.

You have until Wednesday, April 3 to enter the giveaway. Please make sure to check out the blog post so that you can be sure to enter!!!! Let’s show Sarah some love!

Didn’t win it? That’s okay! You can always order it on my Thirty-One website at

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9 Responses to My (Donated) Coupon Clutch Giveaway on Belly Blog

  1. You are too kind! And yes….you were one of the main ones to get me onto the cash system! 🙂 Thanks for your fabulous donation. Can’t wait to see who wins!!

  2. Dory, thank you so much for donating the clutch!

  3. Cecelia says:

    Following you back on bloglovin thanks!!!!

  4. Deezy says:

    Thanks for stopping by Deezy Does It! I am your newest follower 🙂
    xx xo,

  5. Sue says:

    Stopping by from Posh on a Budget blog hop. Following you on Pinterest, facebook & bloglovin. I’m checking out your giveaway now 🙂

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