Luck o’ the Irish

Luck o' the Irish - The Doyle Dispatch

In just a couple of hours, you are going to find out about my new series, “No Spend Pin Day.” This is a great opportunity to try out your favorite pinned projects from Pinterest, without spending a cent (actually, you can spend up to $5).

I thought I should participate as well, so here is my pin:

I had seen these before in all different kinds of shapes (I love the ones that are in the shape of a moustache), and I thought, “Hm. I bet I can do that with a shamrock! We are the Doyles, after all, and we don’t have a bit of St. Patrick’s Day decorations at our house.”

So, I found a shamrock image, traced it, and edited a few of the points a bit. Then, I followed The Sensory Emporium’s directions step-by-step. I cut them out, pieced them together, and then went shopping. The vinyl was free, since I already had it lying around after a big order from an online vinyl shop.

Michael’s (tied with Hobby Lobby for the ultimate superstore for crafting) had a 40% coupon, the picture frames for 1/2 off, and my teacher discount (the reason why I usually go to Michael’s first… Hobby Lobby doesn’t do a teacher discount). I found that adorable shiny-wood-bark paper in the scrapbook aisle. I then slapped the vinyl onto the paper, put it in the frame, and propped it up on our console table in our front hallway. The best part of it is that when I put the gold wording on the green clover, there were some bubbles. By using this patterned paper, you can’t even tell, because the pattern comes through all of the words.

Luck o' the Irish - The Doyle Dispatch

I can’t wait to re-use the frame and do another one for April!

Luck o' the Irish - The Doyle Dispatch

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