Local Free Windows Contest

I love when our blog gets some notice! First, we were contacted about the Pretty Muddy Women’s Run, which I am now a blogger for their Richmond Team (stay tuned for more details like this expired coupon code). Now, we have been contacted to let our bloggers know about a local contest with a window company. They must have heard that we are soon in the market for new windows for the house (hint, hint… we would love to do a review of these windows on the blog… Let’s make a deal!).

Window World is having a contest on their Facebook page called “Show us your Snowman,” and they thought our thrifty readers may like the chance to win. I know that I’m entering! The idea is that Window World of Richmond is encouraging homeowners to build and take a photo of a snowman for the chance to win a free set of new windows.

To enter the contest, homeowners in Richmond and surrounding areas submit their best snowman photo to the Window World of Richmond Facebook Page. The winning entry will receive up to three white; any size double hung 400 Series windows with installation and free capping.

If you have windows like we do (original to our 26-year-old house and showing every bit of its age), you probably have gaps and holes that let the sunshine, rain, snow, sleet, bugs, and dust into your house. This is a contest that will give you the jumpstart on that project that is at the top of your To Do List (just as soon as the money tree starts to bloom, right?). I’m not even kidding, we could stick a pad of paper under one of our gaps. Not good.  Seriously, Window World: want to strike a deal to help some local bloggers out?

By the way, get building, because that snow is not lasting much longer, and neither is the contest. Running out of time and snow? Don’t tell them I said this, but you can actually make your own pretend snow with this adorable recipe:

2 cups corn starch
1/3 to 1/2 of a cup vegetable oil or baby oil
3-4 tablespoons silver glitter (optional: I am afraid of glitter, so I would not do this)

If you win, can I have one of your windows?

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