Thumb-Body Loves You!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Being a 4th grade teacher, I can get away with cutesy Valentine’s Day cards. Tim and I promised that we weren’t going to exchange presents for this Valentine’s Day, but I had to make him this card (especially because I made 25 more of them for my students). Still, Tim’s WAS a little more special.


The hearts cut out, thanks to my Silhouette.


Seriously, look at all of those hearts! It would have taken me about an hour to cut them out by hand. Thank you, Silhouette!


I then scored where I wanted the fold of the card to be.


Time to get dirty!


Cute thumb-print hearts!


The inside and outside of the cards.


Tim’s special card


Tim had a multiple choice question to answer with his card. I hope he got it right!

Then of course, what did he do on our NO GIFT Valentine’s Day? He sent me this delicious and beautiful Edible Arrangements basket.


I love my husband!

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