Personalized Onesie

My dear and wonderful friend Sarah from A T-Shirt and Pearls is expecting her first baby. Sarah and her husband Britt asked if I would take their announcement picture.

Sarah and Britt Baby AnnouncementWell, just last week they found out it is a girl! First of all, this is perfect for Sarah, one of the best-dressed ladies I know (and she will have the most stylish baby). Second, it means that I get to shower Baby Girl with lots of adorable gifts!

The first is something that I’ve been so excited for (and the reason why I was hoping it was going to be a girl): this adorable pearl onesie that I made.


Of course, I had to adorn the back with Sarah’s logo from her blog. It’s only fitting, of course.



Congrats, Sarah and Britt!

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One Response to Personalized Onesie

  1. We love the onesie! Thank you sooo much! You can see my post on it here:

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