Restaurant Review: Mix It

Well, after a yoga class on Thursday night (I am LOVING my yoga!), I decided to treat myself to a little healthy treat… Mix It!


I had gone to Mix It once before to try one of their juices. I didn’t want anything too acidic, so I asked for them to make something off the menu (anyone that has gone out to eat with me knows that I always go off the menu): an apple, beet, and carrot juice. I had first fallen in love with this combination at the blogger get-together, and this time didn’t disappoint. It was earthy, fresh, and filling.

This past Thursday, however, I did not want a juice. I wanted something sweet, cold, and fruity. I wanted to try one of their bowls. What is a bowl from Mix It? It has lots of fresh fruit blended together with soy milk (great for those of us that can’t have dairy) and served with a spoon. You can think of it as a smoothie in a bowl.


Well, I have a strong love for smoothies, so I couldn’t pass this one up! I decided to go with an original bowl, which has acai, strawberries, banana, and soy milk or apple juice. Of course I had to have something changed, so I asked if they had almond milk instead, and they were more than happy to use that instead of the soy milk. Then, after she poured in the mixture, she went for the granola. HALT! I am NOT a granola fan, and I immediately asked if she could only put in a little bit. Again, she was happy to oblige (I love great customer service). Finally, she asked what kind of fruit I wanted on top. What? More fruit? Yes please! I chose mango… wait, no, strawberries.


My first bite was heavenly. The granola was AMAZING. I loved it, combined with the smoothie. I wanted more. I wished she had put more in. Lesson learned. I immediately thanked her and went out the door. I called Tim from the car. After each bite, I just kept saying “yum,” “mmm,” “This is delicious,” and “You have to try this when I get home.” Let’s just say that there was nothing left by the time I got home. The moment I had my last bite, I was already dreaming of the time when I could go and get another original bowl from Mix It.

What’s the best part? It was only $4.25 out the door, because ACAC members get discounts (on top of my frequent buyer punch card). In love!


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One Response to Restaurant Review: Mix It

  1. Today I had the original with almond milk, protein powder, and blueberries. It was so yummy!…Confession I got the large size. Holy giant bowl of goodness. It was huge! 🙂

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