Well, I have really been pushing my creativity craftiness lately, and my newest endeavor is etching! To etch something, you need to have a stencil of some kind, etching cream, and the item on which to etch.

For a recent engagement party for Tim’s brother and his fiancee, it was a pot-luck party with no presents for the bride and groom. Well, I couldn’t give nada to the b&g, so I had the idea of bringing items in a dish meant for the soon-to-be newliweds. Well, that would be great, but they haven’t registered for any platters/dishes/etc. Hm… Well, why not create personalized plates for them? I had had much luck and success with the vinyl platters that I have been making, but I wanted something a little different… ETCHING!

What is etching? Basically, it is when you take a glass surface and, through the use of etching cream, you actually wear into the surface whatever design you would like. Well, this couldn’t be easier with the use of my Silhouette.

Cut out the design, peel off the parts that you want to be etched, adhere the stencil to the glass, apply the etching cream, and then wait 15 minutes.




After that, just wash off the cream, peel off the stencil, and enjoy your masterpiece!



The result is something that can still be cooked, washed, handled, etc. It’s not painted on, so it’s not delicate and can’t be scratched off. It is literally the coolest thing! Of course, if you are able to etch into glass, that chemical is pretty harsh, so be careful!


I also etched this pitcher for Lauryn’s parents who hosted us for this fabulous get-together.



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2 Responses to Etching

  1. Erika says:

    Darn you Dory…. Now I want more stuff from you! 🙂 They look awesome! I have a thank you gift I need… And etched glasses might be just the ticket!

  2. This is soo cool! They turned out great…and would definitely make a great gift (maybe for some newlyweds)!

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