From Zero to Pretty (Muddy) Intro

Well, back earlier in January, I was asked to apply to be a blogger for the Pretty Muddy Women’s Run. I applied right away (it sounds like SO MUCH FUN), and I just found out this week that I made it! How exciting!


What does that mean? Well, I will be documenting my training for the Pretty Muddy 5K run that will take place on September 28. I have decided to call this series From Zero to Pretty (Muddy), as I train from running absolutely not at all to a 5K mud race. Eek!

Am I crazy? Maybe a little! I am no runner. I don’t run. My dad was a runner in college (he was on the track team at Florida and was an original tester of Gatorade… but I digress), but I did not follow in his shoes.

So, where do I start? Well, I’ve been really good about going to yoga classes at the local ACAC (love!), and I’ve found that I’ve been getting more and more flexible. January has been my yoga month. I will still continue my at least once-a-week yoga class (I would ideally go 2-3 times), but I will start going on the elliptical as well for the month of February. Let’s see how that goes.

Meanwhile, you can check out some of these social networking sites for Pretty Muddy:

YouTube Button Facebook Button Twitter Button Pinterest Button Instagram Button

Discount: There is a $20 off code that is good until 1/31.There has been some confusion on how to use this code properly, so please see this post for the instructions on how to use it correctly (with screen shots). This is the lowest price of the season: no Groupons or other deals!

I know that there are a ton of Zero to 5K sites and programs all over. So, what is your favorite one? Any that you’ve tried and you would suggest? Leave a comment below!

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