Pretty Muddy Women’s Run Discount Code

Amazing things have been happening with this blog recently!

Over the weekend, I was contacted by the Blogger Outreach Team from Pretty Muddy (a women’s mud-run series). They are looking for blogging ambassadors for the 2013 Richmond race, which will be held of September 18, 2013. I hadn’t heard of Pretty Mudder, but I know the concept of these types of races. It’s a 5k “race” through mud with lots of terrific obstacles. You don’t have to be a stellar athlete, but you do have to have a sense of humor. Just my kind of race! Get dirty, raise money, and have fun? Sign me up! Wouldn’t it be fun to have me go through the process of “From Zero to Pretty (Muddy)?” I’m no runner, but I would have fun training for this one!

I don’t have the official word that I am a “blogging ambassador,” but I really hope I am selected.

Regardless, I got information from the Pretty Muddy team that we can send out the following information:

“We are offering a ONE TIME $20 discount to past participants ONLY…we are going to let you all send out that same code to your followers. The code is GIRLTIME… we chose that code b/c so many women do this as teams and have such a great experience with their girlfriends. There will NOT be any daily deal (Groupon, Living Social, etc.) offers this year… that was a one time inaugural season opportunity. This special expires at the end of January… after that the price will never be this low again.”

Here’s how you can sign up with this code:

1. Click on the link here to access the website.

2. Click “Find an Event” and choose your closest city. Click “Register Now.”

3.  Enter the promotional code: “GIRLTIME.”

4. Change the quantity for the Past Participant Discount. This is the registration that you will be using. The price will be $49.50 +  4.71. You can then put in your information, pay with your credit card of choice, and you are set!

So, the question is: who wants to sign up? Do you want to do the race with me?

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