Happy 2013!

I have a confession to make. I am so happy to see 2012 go away. It has been a tough year due to quite a bit of heartache. Both Tim and I were talking about that about a week ago. This is probably the first time ever in our lives that we are not sad to see a year go. Yes, there were many good highlights, and we made sure to enjoy them thoroughly. Still, we have had our share of troubles. Hopefully we will have a very good 2013.

So what about those resolutions?

For the first time in years, my New Years Resolution is not to get in shape! I don’t have to resolve to eat healthier, work out, lose weight. With the health issues that I was dealing with starting in June, I lost quite a bit of weight. In doing so, I also lost the taste for the huge amounts of junk food. Do I still like sweets? Mac and cheese? Mashed potatoes? French fries? Yes, yes, yes, and oh yes. I just don’t have the hunger for loads and loads of them. I’m ok with just a taste. I also am not eating huge portions of food at a time. I am a much healthier, much leaner me! So, for the start of 2013, I am putting away my clothes from 20 pounds ago. I will not keep them in my closet, because they are just taking up room. I have pulled out my jeans and cords from 2 years ago. Some of them are too big! How crazy is that?

Well, if I can’t have the healthy goal for 2013, what can I do?

1. Go to a yoga class at least 1 time a week.

2. Be on time or early to 90% of my appointments/events (I can’t be perfect, after all).

3. Find something joyful in every day.

4. Build in Lucy playtime for at least 5 minutes every day.

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