My Craft Room/Office

I have been a little delayed in getting this post up, simply because my craft room has been in constant use since its remodel. Constant use = things are not clean enough for me to take pictures. Well, now that the holidays are over, here is the grand reveal! Tim was amazing and let me get these bins from Land of Nod as an early birthday present.

Here is the before. Notice the partially-finished projects, the mess, mismatched bins, the unorganization. Ick, ick, ick!

Look at these “business” supplies for my Thirty-One business. How in the world can I find what I need in that pile of mess?IMG_1995

This is not what I call organized.IMG_1996

So, I decided to take an inventory. What do I have? What categories would that fit in? If I could design a dream system for me, what would it look like? Well, here it is:IMG_1997

So, we went out to look for containers in the local stores.IMG_2005 IMG_2007 IMG_2008

Eh. They were all okay, but if I got the clear ones, you could really see the messiness inside. Also, they were expensive and/or didn’t fit perfectly in the shelving. The fabric ones were from Target and would have fit PERFECTLY. The only problem was that they were REAAAAAAALLY expensive (because I needed so many of them), and they would have been difficult to label with the indoor/outdoor vinyl that I had.

So, I got the okay to go ahead and purchase the bins from Land of Nod. Tim helped me pick out the color (I really love that shade of green), and all I had to do was wait. When they came in, I quickly organized and labeled, and voila! Now, here is the whole craft room:

IMG_2530 IMG_2531 IMG_2533

This is a second Expedit that we have in the room to hold our books. Lots and lots of books.IMG_2534

This shelf is on a third wall and houses fabric. I just had too much fabric for the bins in my Expedit.IMG_2535

I absolutely love that I can have a bin for finished projects that need a home (if I’m not giving them away).IMG_2536

And since I actually stole this room from Toby, we put a cat door in the closet, so he can still get to his food, water, and litter and Lucy can be in the room. It’s Toby’s little sanctuary.IMG_2537

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3 Responses to My Craft Room/Office

  1. Jennifer Lewis says:

    I love your labels. How did you make them?

    • Dory says:

      I have a Silhouette Cameo. It is a machine that allows you to design and cut words, pictures, etc. It’s like a Cricut. I have some other posts all about it. If you search in the box in the upper right, you can see those posts about it.

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