Tacky Chanukah Sweater

Well, the Chanukah season is over, and I now feel comfortable sharing my creation with the world. It took months of planning (yes, I started thinking about this sweater over the summer) and weeks of work, but I finished it, and I am so proud of it!

Are you ready for Chanukah tackiness to abound? Here you go…


This is the picture that I used to give a hint about the sweater when I was still working on it.


The front of the sweater (in progress)


The back of the sweater (in progress)


My fascinator to rival the Royal Family’s


A closeup of Chanukah Harry.


All of the accessories lined up before the runway at our school’s Tacky Sweater Contest.


An added touch


The back: Chanukah Harry, the Star of David, latkes, and gelt


The giant menorah, dreidels, and dreidel directions


Posing after the contest


The final look from behind

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4 Responses to Tacky Chanukah Sweater

  1. merelene valder says:

    Dory….OUTSTANDING Chanukah sweater. I think it can be passed down for generations to come to fight over having the opportunity to wear!!! Very creative and the workmanship is beautiful.

  2. Pat says:

    Never saw anything like this in any store! Love it!

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