Making Wreaths

12/12/12 Update: You can check out Sarah’s blog post about her wreath-making experience here.

Two weekends ago, I went with my friend Sarah from A T-shirt and Pearls to a benefit for the Hilliard House to make wreaths and other greeneries. You can read about it on her blog here or here.


Well, of course she was talking up my craftiness to her friend K, who also went with us. Uh oh. No pressure right? Well, of course that meant that it was going to be an epic failure.

I made my wreath, and then I had some extra time. So, I made a centerpiece. Some very kind ladies gave us their leftover branches, so I thought I would use them. Unfortunately, they didn’t look very pretty.

Pretty soon, we were running out of time and daylight. I was stressed, I wasn’t happy with my centerpiece. So, what does any “crafty” lady do when she is stressed and unhappy with her creation? Make it as gaudy and obnoxious as possible, of course!

She started with just the gold-painted bunch. Then, I found an abandoned gold-painted gourd. I used it. I named the center bunch Goldie, and it was her egg. Then, I found another gold-painted gourd. Thus, it became “Goldie and Her Egg.”

The best part of this was the look on the professionals/volunteers faces when they would come over to visit.

Them:”Oh! That is beautiful!”

Me: “You really don’t have to say that.”

Them: “No, it’s lovely.”

Me: “No, it is actually very horrible. I wanted to add as much gaudiness as possible.”

Them: “Oh.”

So, do you want to see Goldie and Her Eggs? Just don’t judge me.




You can’t tell from the pictures, but she is HUGE. Massive. Tacky. And she kept me cracking up as I would add one more twig or leaf. Next year before we go back, I will be reading up on my wreath-making!

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5 Responses to Making Wreaths

  1. Haha oh Goldie! I still need to blog about my wreath…slacker. 😦

  2. Crissy says:

    I love “Goldie and Her Eggs”! I can totally hear you laughing while sitting in my kitchen! Great job ladies.

    • Dory says:

      Thanks! She is still hanging out and surviving like a champ! She is looking for visitors, since I have been keeping her in the lonely garage.

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