SuperBoy Cape

This summer, I made my nephew Liam a SuperBoy cape for his birthday. It came from a towel, hand towel, a vintage button, some superhero fabric, and some coordinating thread.

Here’s a collage of the steps that I took to cut out and prep the cape:

SuperBoy CapeI’m sorry I don’t have directions for this post, but I just didn’t take enough pictures to show the steps for the whole project.

We went to visit (and my amazing sister-in-law had a Thirty-One party) about a week ago, and I was able to snap a few pictures of my cutie nephew in his super cape. We came up with a game that he disappeared when the hood was up. Let’s just say that he disappeared a lot.

Are you ready for some cuteness?


I just had to put that last one in, because it was so precious to see Tim and Liam set up the track and play with the train.

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