Hokie Tree


This weekend, we started decorating for the holidays. While Tim was working outside on the lights, I was working inside on our decor. The Hokie tree was my first project. We have been collecting ornaments for about 10 years, but we didn’t have our official orange Hokie tree until 2010. Each year, we get a few more ornaments to add to this tree, and I think we have gotten to a great amount and variety.

A large plastic globe with the picture of the stadium


A sled and Hokie Door picture


A glitter glass ball, a Hokie Bird, and a lunch pail


A family friend made this. Yes, she MADE this for all of us in our tailgating group!


A hat, pendant, and another Hokie picture


Two new additions this year: a nutcracker and a polka-dot globe


Another glitter globe and a different Hokie Bird


Our tree topper!


I gave Tim this snowman probably about 8 years ago.


If only this were a real candy cane…


Hokie flipflops


I painted this at a pottery place a few years ago.


My students gave this to me 2 years ago when we first got a Hokie tree. It is hard to see in the pictures, but it is orange AND maroon!

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One Response to Hokie Tree

  1. Pat says:

    I love your Hokie tree!

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