Birthday Traditions

Today is my birthday. I am one year older. One year wiser? Eh…

I wanted to write about birthday traditions. I have one that has been with my family since I was 1. Birthday cake in bed. Yes, it is the best tradition that anyone could have. Literally the best. Tim has carried on the tradition with me, because there is nothing better than starting your birthday morning with a rush of sugar.

I have no idea how it started, but here’s how it works:

Someone in the family sneaks downstairs before the alarm goes off in the morning. If the birthday girl/boy is already awake, the sneaker must make some excuse like, “I left something in my car.” the birthday boy/girl must fall for said lie. The sneaker must get the cake ready with candles. Then, they turn off all of the lights in the hallway and light the candles. As they walk into the dark room, all that it seen is the glow of candles and they hear the voice(s) of the song “Happy Birthday.”

After blowing out the candles, forks are presented. Where are the plates? Silly, we don’t use plates! We just dig in! If you are my brother Josh, you may eat from the middle. Mom will take a bite and declare herself done. My dad will find some specific part to eat. I will make sure that there are no big uneven chunks. Tim is a combination of all of these (I love him so much, because he is like all of the best parts of my whole family).

Then, if there are presents (this happened when I still lived at home), the sneaker would make another excuse that they would have to go to the bathroom, where the presents would be hiding. Then all of the presents would be opened!

I’m sorry, but can you think of a better way to celebrate a birthday? No, I didn’t think so!

Thank you so much to my amazing mom to start this time-honored tradition. Thank you, Tim, for making it continue and loving the quirkiness of this!

This year, I realized that my stomach just couldn’t handle that much sugar in the morning. I opted for the healthier choice of berries (we had cake with no plates tonight). Look at Tim’s creativity with the candles:

20121120-215933.jpg I love that man!

Oh, and I’m thankful for my mom and dad for giving birth to me and my hubby for making today a terrific birthday!

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