Clipart with Silhouette Software

When I was on one of my Thirty-One Facebook groups earlier, we were talking about the differences between the Silhouette machines and the Cricuts. I absolutely love the software that comes free with the Silhouette, and I thought that it would be a great topic to show how to take a Clipart picture and turn it to a cut-able image.

I want to preface this post by saying that I am not an expert in this software, and there may be other ways to accomplish this goal. I have found a way to make it work for what I want to do. If you know of other ways, please let me know in the comments.

1. Do a search to find your image. I love Google Images, by the way. Cute snowman, right?2. Once I have found my picture, I will just do a screenshot to get that image. On my Mac, I use Shift+Command+4, and it lets me select the rectangle that I want to take a picture of.

3. Open up the Silhouette software.

4. Drag in the screenshot image.

5. With this image, there is a Low Resolution Warning. I just chose to ignore it. Based on what you want to make, you may not want to ignore it.

6. In the upper left corner, click the symbol for Tracing.7. The Trace tools will open up.

8. Click “Select Trace Area” and highlight the image that you want to trace. The grey box will open up and the image will appear yellow. The yellow lines are the trace lines.

9. This is when you have to decide what you want to accomplish. If you just want the outline of items to create a silhouette image, you will click “Trace Outer Edge.” This is what it will look like:

10. You will need to drag away the black lines, leaving the red cut lines. This is the result:


11. Don’t want a silhouette? That’s ok. Instead of clicking “Trace Outer Edge” when your image is outlined, you will click “Trace.”

12. You can also play around with the settings before you click “Trace.” Change the thresholds and filters to have different effects. I truly don’t have these mastered yet, but I just play around until I get the desired effect.

Again, if you know some other trick to use with this software, please leave a comment! I am always wanting to learn more about this machine (and I am trying to avoid reading the instructions as long as possible).

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