Thankful November Day 3-16

Oh my, have we been slackers on our Thankful November posts. Here it is, November 16, and we haven’t posted a T.N. post since the 2nd. Well, here is a long one to make up for those days that we missed.

Day 3: Saturdays. They are the Day of Rest in the Jewish tradition for a reason.

Day 4: Grandparents. We have been so blessed to have many amazing years with our grandparents. We got to enjoy the beautiful weather this day with Tim’s 91-year-old grandfather (who was in town to escape the cold and lack of electricity in New Jersey).

Day 5: Interesting ringers on home phones. Why? Well, with all of the election stuff, we have been getting calls nonstop for months. Each night, we get at least 2 calls from some political party or research firm. We. Are. Not. Interested. At least we can change the ringer tune to make it fun and interesting.

Day 6: On this Election Day, we are thankful for the right to vote and express our opinions in a safe and free county. G-d bless America!

Day 7: Silence. No more phone calls. Our house is quiet. Ahh…

Day 8: Football. Go Hokies!

Day 9: Blacksburg. What a gorgeous day to enjoy being in our second hometown.

Day 10: Work gatherings. Sometimes, we just need to kick back and enjoy our co-workers outside of work. It makes us appreciate them in a whole different way.

Day 11: The Mind of a 5-Year Old. We were able to enjoy the afternoon with our nephew Liam. Sometimes he has called himself Donut Boy, sometimes he is a Power Ranger, but he is always a sweetheart. Love that boy!

Day 12: Milo’s Unsweet Iced Tea. Enough said. Thank you Daddy and Momma for brining us 4 gallons from Alabama!

Day 13: Friendships. I had a great afternoon walk with one of my besties, Sarah, from A T-Shirt and Pearls. I heart my friend.

Day 14: A very thorough vet. Tick bites, a red eye, and a worried mom (me) made for a potentially stressful vet visit. Springfield Vet Center is terrific in making us feel so comfortable. More on this coming soon.

Day 15: The right side of my face. See this post for an explanation.

Day 16: Red Solo Cups. They are colorful, useful, sturdy, convenient, and they come with a killer theme song.

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