Dory After Dentist

I went back to the dentist today to get a filling. It is my 2nd filling.

My first filling was not a great experience because the lovely dentist (I say that sarcastically) that did it refused to give me the shot to numb me. He said that I wouldn’t feel it. He lied. It hurt. I would much rather have paid a thousand dollars to be numbed (I exaggerate).

Well, it took me a while to go back to the dentist, but I found one here in Richmond (Baxter Perkinson) that I love. I found out about a month ago that I had a cavity, and the first thing I asked was, “Will I get numbed?” They laughed and said, “Of course!” Well, phew! I have had enough work on my teeth (that is another story entirely) to know that although I don’t like needles, the numbing shots are FANTASTIC.

Well, here I am, about an hour after my appointment, and I still can’t feel the right side of my face. It’s so much fun! It was just tingly at first. Then it was cold. Then the feeling went away in my gums. Then it spread to my tongue. Now my lips and cheeks are numb too… but only on one side. It’s almost as if the entire right side of my face isn’t there. Imagine someone draws a line right down your face. Left side: feels normal. Right side: …do I have a right side? I am really enjoying this feeling, especially since I never drink. This is fun for me!

Here are some Photobooth images to help illustrate my predicament:

Left = good

Right = not

I even recorded a video, because my speech is quite altered right now. I will not post it, because it is a little embarrassing. I just wanted Tim to be able to hear it since he is not home yet, and I fear that he thinks I am exaggerating. I will, however, link to a very hilarious video, and the model for my blog title:

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