We are Virginia Bloggers

Did you notice that cool button over there? ————————–>
Guess what that means!

We are a part of VA Bloggers! We asked to be a member of it, and now we are sitting at the cool kids’ table. I feel so… happy of myself!

(In case you don’t know what I just referred to, you must watch this YouTube clip. This child has entertained me for hours upon hours.)

So now that you have seen my most favorite YouTube clip of all time, Virginia Bloggers is a great collection of… well… bloggers from Virginia. We are cooks, crafters, fashionistas, photographers, and documenters. I can’t wait to see where this leads. How exciting!

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2 Responses to We are Virginia Bloggers

  1. 😀 YAY I found you through VA Bloggers! Excited to follow you! I’m in RVA too 🙂


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