Toby and Lucy: Best Buds?

Toby the Cat and Lucy the Dog haven’t always been the best of friends. Lucy came to us in April 2011. She was a puppy. Toby was an old soul, and he was a little like Mr. Wilson from Denise the Menace.

“Stay there, Crazy Dog! You are in trouble so you are in the crate!” (Lucy is never put in the crate as a punishment. She actually loves to go in there, but Toby doesn’t know that.)

Lucy: “Brother! Come play with me! Don’t hide behind the blinds!”

As Lucy grew, Toby had to just deal with it.

Lucy: “I’m not touching you!”
Toby: “Mom!”

“She is so embarrassing.”

They have, however, decided that they will tolerate each other. Sometimes they are even adorable together!

Our pretty animals.

Fast asleep after a long day.

This picture was taken in the middle of them “playing.”

Look at how close they are to each other!

It was a cuddly, cold evening on the couch.

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