Nail Art Love

I have a Pinterest board called “Nail Love.” For years, I was a nail-biter, cuticle-picker, and all around hand-hider (I was so ashamed).

Last summer, however, I beat the habit! I decided to go and pay for an “expensive” manicure on my ugly nails. Well, I am cheap at heart, and I knew that once I paid for that, I would want to protect and take care of those nails. So for that week, I didn’t bite.

The next week, I went back and got another manicure. I didn’t bite during that week either. I kept paying $15 each week, and I kept keeping my nails looking pretty.

So, 20+ years later, and I finally beat that awful habit. When I am super-stressed, I might bite 1 nail, but I instantly regret it and won’t bite the rest.

Now, I’m obsessed with my fingernails. I have over 20 bottles of nail polish in bright, dull, and exotic colors. I have top coats, bottom coats, detail brushes, cuticle oil, rapid dry items, etc. This fall, I decided to see how many different Hokie patterns I could do for the VT games. While it didn’t bring us luck, here are some of my favorites:

NOTE: Please look past the polish on my fingers, right around the nails. These picture were taken right after painting, which is why they still were a bit messy.

Get it? They are footballs in the Hokie colors!

I absolutely loved these stripes. Preppy but sporty.

Maroon nails with orange glitter on top.

And then I have some pictures of non-Hokie nails:

Charlie Brown nails for the “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” 10th reunion.

I love this dramatic graphite grey color.

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