Happy Anniversary, House!

Happy anniversary to our dear, quirky house! We bought you 4 years ago today and immediately noticed your flaws. This is what you looked like when we moved in:

We loved the yellow siding, the red front door, the white trim, and the new roof. There were a few small, minor changes we wanted to make, but we realized that we could wait and we would be very happy with the house. Are you ready for a count of all of the things we have done in 4 years/48 months/1,460 days/35,040 hours?

We moved in that day and began to put things in our walk-in closet in the master. Uh oh! The closet system was wobbly and wasn’t installed correctly. Everything would rip out of the wall immediately.

1. Tear out the closet, patch the drywall, repaint, and rebuild the closet.

The next day, we started to put our things in the new kitchen (in between Trick-or-Treaters. Then, we discovered paint was chipping off the SPRAY-PAINTED CABINETS!!!

2. Renovate the kitchen in Winter 2011.

The boxwoods in front of the house weren’t safe (robbers can hide behind them, after all!).

3. Rip out the boxwoods, take down trees, and hire a landscaper to redo the front flowerbeds.

After the warranty was up on the plants by the landscaper, half of them died.

4. Redo the flowerbeds by ourselves.

More plants died.

5. Buy hardier plants.

Some good friends moved in to a house down the street in a similar neighborhood, and I helped them to take down wallpaper and paint their house.

6. Let’s redo our powder room.

I really liked the toilet paper holder in the new powder room.

7. We need to rework the master bathroom.

We couldn’t get grass to grow- only weeds.

8. Each season, we work on the grass more and more. We are finally getting somewhere.

The clean laundry had a very odd smell… almost like burnt fabri… OH MY GOSH!

9. Get a new HE washer and steam dryer during a Black Friday sale.

I was really tired of having all of my craft supplies spread throughout the house, creating a mess in every room of the house.

10. I’m getting a Craft Room!

We wondered what it would be like if we had our bed and dresser on the opposite wall. Would it give us more room?

11. The master bedroom gets a makeover.

When guests came to stay, they didn’t really have a cohesive space to stay.

12. Oh look! Home Goods had these fantastic linens and curtains for a very inexpensive price!

The front lights were ugly, the flood light didn’t work, and the lights in the back of the house would flicker or not turn on at all.

13. Let’s finally install the lights that we bought years ago!

We didn’t have anywhere to store stuff in the Craft Room.

14. Let’s buy the storage system to build a closet in there.

So, what is still left to do?

-Repaint the living room (gray)

-Repaint the master bedroom (gray or blue)

-Repaint the craft room (cantaloupe or pale watermelon)

-Rewire the old office so the electric switch is by the door

-Move the washer/dryer outlets into the wall so the doors can close fully

-Create adjustable shelves above the washer/dryer

-Add cable TV to the craft room

-Master bathroom renovation: tiled shower, tiled floor, reworked linen closet, new toilet, new vanity and sink, and install a vent

-Turn the deck into a screened-in porch

-Create a patio off the back deck/porch

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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary, House!

  1. Sarah says:

    Finally catching up on your blog. 🙂 I like the part where friends move into the neighborhood across the street! 🙂

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