Summer Memories 2012

This has been quite the eventful summer. I wanted to post about everything that happened, but I just didn’t have the time to post about each and every detail. That’s why this post is a run-down of the events in the Doyle household from the Summer of 2012:

Summer started early at our dear friends’ Nick and Caroline’s wedding in May.

Congrats, Nick and Caroline!

We took some time to see the Charleston Aquarium.

I sat watching this deep water tank for probably 30-40 minutes.

My parents brought home a new, furry addition to the Tucker family.

Mom fell instantly in love with Max.

Lucy and Max became best friends.

They bonded over their mutual love for this stick.

A Bedol cousin became a man in Michigan.

Can you tell we are all related? The Bedol gene is strong!

School got out, and I got crafty.

My first quilt with Thirty-One fabric samples.

An old shirt turned into a dress.

A diaper wreath for a friend.

We had a double date at the shooting range.

Not a bad shot!

I fell in love with Class and Trash.

What amazing finds at this store!

We surprised Tim’s brother Kevin for his birthday…


…And on the way home, Tim let me experience a childhood travel dream.

The Natural Bridge of Virginia: a childhood dream to see it in person since 3rd grade.

I was in awe of this amazing place.

We had a ball in Alabama…

3 skiers, 1 boat

Fourth of July on the waters of Lake Guntersville.

…And we grieved in Cleveland.

Me with my grandfather’s twin brother, Papa Marshall.

The puppies played together.

They still love their sticks.


Aw! Thanks for holding our bags, guys!

I had an endoscopy.

(Sorry, no picture)

Tim had Lasik.

Goodbye glasses!

Josh was an incredible lead in New York (Stagedoor Manor).

Daniel in Once on this Island

He was also in a select group of performers with Our Time Cabaret.

“Years from now, we’ll remember and we’ll come back to this theater and hang a plaque. This is where we began being what we can.”

The puppies still played.

Max: “Lucy, can I have the ball now?”
Lucy: “Not a chance, Max.”

Polish pickles are not the same as dill pickles.

(Polish pickles did not even earn the right to have a picture.)

I partied with Thirty-One.

Every time I go to work, I end up at a party!

We made friends with Charlotte the Orb Weaver, who lived on our front porch.

Look at her!

Terrifying, but beautiful!

Football season was about to start. Which means…

…Goodbye summer! It’s time to go back to school!

The room with just a few small details needed (August 2012).

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