My Brother: A Rising Star


Last night, my brother Josh was awarded an Art Green Rising Star Award from Piedmont Council of the Arts. I am so proud of him! He was one of about 17 students in the C’ville area to be recognized. This is a terrific accomplishment, and it is one that he deserves and has worked so hard to achieve.

He is an incredible musician, as he can pick up any new instrument and have it mastered in a few short hours. When I go home to visit him and my parents, it is only a matter of minutes before we are treated to an impromptu concert on the piano or guitar. Not only is he musically minded, but he has talent for dance too! At our summer camp (Stagedoor Manor in New York) as well as throughout the C’ville theater scene, he is known for his ability to tap. I mean, he is good! If you don’t believe me, check out Live Arts’ production of A Chorus Line later this year. He is going to play Mike (“I Can Do That”), and he gets to show off his talents with dance. This is the perfect role for him!


He is currently looking to go off to college next year and major in music (I think he is leaning towards a jazz program right now). Good luck to my baby brother (who is so much taller than me… and growing)! Josh, please think about coming to Richmond so I can see you all the time!


(By the way, check out the star that he received for being a Rising Star! It is beautiful in person, but we joked that with his entire outfit, he was the sheriff of Theatertown.)

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One Response to My Brother: A Rising Star

  1. How could a parent be prouder of her two kids than I am of both of you? My heart is bursting with pride. I am kvelling! Yes, Josh is talented to be sure, as are you, Dory, but what I am most proud of, is how NICE both of my kids are. We are truly blessed.

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