Wedding Flashback: DIY Pearl Necklace

I’ve heard that pearls are considered to be unlucky for the bride to wear on her wedding day, but I’ve met very few brides who actually agree with this superstition. Pearls can be as classy or as trendsetting as you want, and to me, there’s nothing more wonderful than a row of pearls.

I remember when I got my first pearls: my grandmother got me a necklace with 11 pearls on it (it was my 11th birthday). She told me that she would give me another pearl for every birthday I had. Well, that never actually happened, but it started my love for those beautiful white treasures. When Tim and I went on a cruise during college, he got me my first (and only) row of pearls, and I knew that I would be wearing that necklace on our wedding day.

When thinking about what my bridesmaids would be wearing, I knew I wanted some kind of pearl necklace for them. I thought I would first just buy one from online, but I quickly found out that most online retailers only sell glass pearls, and if I was buying a necklace for my girls, I wanted it to be real. There were a few places that sold them for $50 a piece, but that would have been out of my budget. So I decided to make them.

I went to a local bead store and bought three strings of pearls, wire, crimps, clasps and Swarovski crystals. All in all, each necklace was about $30! I’m so happy with how they turned out:


If anyone would like for me to make these for them as well (or other variations), just let me know!

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