Wedding Flashback: DIY Thank You Parasol

This post was originally published on February 15, 2009:

I’ve been busy lately! Although I haven’t posted very often, I’ve been staying busy with many wedding DIY projects.

The first I’d like to post about is my Thank You parasol. I saw these in some wedding pictures and instantly fell in love with them. I can’t wait for our guests to get a picture of us holding the parasol along with their thank you note.

Here’s the finished product:


And here’s how I did it:

  • Open a new Microsoft Publisher document. The page size should be the size of your parasol. For instance, our parasol had a 32-inch diameter, so I made a page that was 33×33 inches. I then made a circle on the page (32-inch diameter, like the parasol).
  • Pick which font you would like to use. I chose “English,” which matched all of our invitations and programs. We then blew it up to a HUGE size (depending on the font, it could be as big as size 600).
  • Print preview to decide which pages to print (you won’t want to print them all), and print the ones you’ll need.
  • Tape each line together. For ours, I taped “Thank” and “You” separately.
  • Gently tape the paper to the FRONT of the parasol (it probably won’t stay fixed to the back). Take a thin Sharpie and sketch an outline of the letters on the underside of the parasol.
  • Remove the paper, but don’t throw it away yet.
  • Take a paintbrush and paint on the front side using acrylic paint, following the outline you sketched with the Sharpie. It won’t be exact yet, but this is just so that you can get an idea of the size and shape of the letters.
  • Once this is done, use the large paper of the letters to help guide the thicker and thinner parts of the letters. Note: You will want to use a VERY thin, fine paintbrush. Do not skimp for this. It will only cost a few dollars for a good paintbrush, and it is soooo worth it. It doesn’t have to be perfect or exact (remember it is going to be photographed from far away), but the thin paintbrush will help.
  • Enjoy, and be careful with the finished product.

Here’s what the underside looks like (notice the Sharpie outline):



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