Wedding Flashback: DIY Cake Topper

This post was originally published on February 23, 2009:

A really popular thing with weddings is having a custom-made cake topper that shows the initials of the bride and groom or their new last initial. There are lots of different ways of making these.

Some brides like the pearl letter, like this from Martha Stewart:

While some like wooden or metal letters that they adorn with crystals, like this from Toppers with Glitz:

While I think this is a wondeful craze, and I love this idea, I knew that for my wedding, I could only have one thing for my cake topper: The Hokie Bird.


I absolutely LOVE Virginia Tech and all things Hokie (no pun intended), and I knew that I wanted to feature both of our alma mater in a fun, but still wedding-ish way. So I scoured the internet to find a Hokie Bird bride and groom. I heard myths of it existing, but I couldn’t find it.

I found this clay cake topper that was custom made from Magic Mud, but it wasn’t quite perfect:

So I felt like my dream cake topper was out of reach. Thankfully, I had an idea. I knew they sold Hokie Bird ornaments, so I would buy two of them and make them into a bride and groom.

As this was my first DIY project for the wedding, I hadn’t quite figured out how to completely steady my hand or work with really small objects. That being said, I love my Hokie bride and groom. Who cares if they look like they will start a fight with one of the rowdy wedding guests?


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