Gutter Cleaning Conversation

I know that I have been a bad blogger lately. I’m sorry! I have about 5 drafts of blogs that are almost ready to go. Just expect lots of blogging in the upcoming weeks!

In order to make up for it, I have the transcript of an awkward phone conversation that I had with someone when trying to get our gutter cleaned.

(Background: I had tried to call this individual – we will call him R – multiple times on a different phone number. I was unsure if this was the correct number.)


Phone rings. Phone is picked up. Silence.

Voice: What?

Me: Hello? Is this R?

Voice: No.

Me: Okay. Is this R’s number?

Voice: This isn’t R.

Me: I am looking for someone to clean our gutters and do a small repair. I got this number from a neighbor.


Me: Do you clean gutters?

Voice: I’m a woman.

Me: Yes. Is R available?

Voice/Woman: He isn’t here. I don’t know where he is. He is gone someplace.

Me: Ok. Do you know when he will be back.

Voice/Woman: I don’t know. He’s gone this weekend.

Me: But this is R’s phone number?

Voice/Woman: This is my phone number, but he uses it. I take messages for him.

Side note: Why couldn’t she have said this at the beginning of the conversation?

Me: Okay. Can you have him call me back at…


Why was that conversation so difficult?


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