DIY Workout Shirt (No Sew)

On Pinterest (oh, how I love Pinterest!), I saw this DIY Workout Shirt tutorial from It was absolutely cute, and it looked so easy! I thought that I just needed to try it on one of my old T-shirts.

I had this lime green shirt from when I was a camp counselor at Camp CBI, and it is a perfect color for workouts. I love wearing bright colors to motivate and energize me to keep going . I hope that my Camp CBI friends forgive me for cutting it up, but now I will wear it so much more often!

The best thing about this DIY project is that there is no sewing required! All you need are scissors and your t-shirt. I did, however, find that I was able to get straighter lines with my Fiskars rotary cutter and a rubber cutting mat (both of these can be found at any craft o store).

Here are the easy directions for you:

1. Lay the t-shirt out on a flat surface. Try to get the seams to match up.



2. Cut off the arms, neck, and bottom seams (with t-shirt material, you will not need to have finished ends). I just cut minimally, and then I took more off when needed.




3. Cut a deeper neckline.



4. Cut more off the arms. I started by cutting the front with my rotary cutter and mat.




5. Match that cut to the other side and pin it together. This will give you a template to match for even armholes.




6. Cut the back of the armhole as well. Remember that the littlest cut will end up making much deeper armholes than predicted, so be careful when you cut.



7. On the back of the shirt, cut a V in the neckline. Be willing to make it a deep V. Although I cut into the logo, it will be barely visible in the finished shirt.



8. Take the bottom seam that you cut off in Step 2, and make sure that it is one long piece of material.



9. Hang up your shirt for this next part.



10. Bring the back material together and tie the bottom seam “string” to it. Leave a tail of about 3-4 inches.



11. Be sure to leave enough room that your finger can go in between the shirt and the knot. This will allow for the shirt to be adjustable.



12. Wrap the “string” around until you have a few inches left.



13. Tie both tails together into a cute knot.



14. You are done! Just try it on and make some adjustments if needed. If you want the neck to be looser, you can pull that wrapped, tied string lower on the shirt, or you can cut a bigger neck.




Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave a comment!

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