Pocket Pillow

A couple of weeks ago, I pinned a tutorial for a 10 minute pillow cover from Momtastic.com. I didn’t think that I would use it any time soon, as I had no need for another pillow in the house. Then I found some new Peanuts fabric. In case you hadn’t figured it out from this post, I love the Peanuts. I bought the fabric, and then afterwards I figured out what to make from it. In my classroom, I am always kneeling on the floor with my students, and this will be great to help with my aging knees. Plus, it’s really cute!


Because I had two pieces of fabric, I wouldn’t be able to use Momtastic’s directions exactly as it was written. It was up to me to figure it out and make it work. So, here are my directions for how to make a pocket pillow (with buttons!) with 2 different types of fabric. These directions and measurements work for an 18″x18″ pillow (standard couch size).

1. I cut the fabric for the front of my pillow to be 20″x20″ (to allow 1″ seam allowance for each side). I then cut two pieces for my back fabric: 20″x11″ and 20″x14″.


2. I pieced the two different fabric together with the correct sides of the fabric facing each other. I then pinned where I wanted the seam to be. This would connect the fabric to make 1 long piece of fabric.



3. Where the flap of the pocket will be (where the two pieces of the fabric look like they will meet), fold the fabric back and pin it to hem it. Do this for both pieces of the back fabric.



4. It’s time to sew! Sew the hems of the pocket


and sew the back and front fabric together. I made sure to use some good, strong stitches, as this pillow will get some wear and tear in my classroom.



5. Fold all of the flaps back (the pillow is still inside out at this point), so it looks like an inside-out pillow case. Sew the back flaps of the pillow down to the front.





Oops! I made a mistake, and some of my flap didn’t get sewed down all of the way. Not a pretty fix, but it will secure it.


Here’s a view of the pocket. I didn’t like how the flap really, well, flaps. In my classroom, that is a recipe for pencil shavings and old glue stick caps to get stuck down in there.


So, although the pillow really did take me just 10 minutes up until then, I got to try out my new buttonhole feature on my new Brother machine. I have these adorable retro buttons, and they are perfect for this pillow! By the way, take a look at where the button ended up! Doesn’t it look like Franklin has an earring?



Marcie also has either an ear gauge, or a monocle. I can’t tell.


I love how the pillow turned out! I can’t wait to show it off in my room next year.



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