Bed “Runner”

Earlier this year, I took some time during my spring break to make valences for the windows downstairs in the kitchen and dining room. I fell in love with one of the pieces of fabric, and I had so much extra left over (I did that on purpose).

In my obsession with Pinterest and finding room decorations, I realized that I loved the way that beds look when they have something at the bottom of the bed: a blanket, a sleeping cat, or a “runner” of sorts. We had tried to have blankets (throws, really) at the bottom of the bed, but we have a king bed, and we don’t have any king size blankets to use. I am also way too cheap to buy one. Well, I realized that I had just enough material left over from the dining room valences to make a runner for the bed.

See how bare it looks before? Poor Toby is on a sad, un-pretty bed.


Now look at that finished look! Doesn’t Toby look so much happier?


It took about an hour to complete, and that was just because of the length of the runner itself.

My fabric wasn’t long enough to go down the sides of the bed, but it would just reach to the edges of the bed. That was my main panel. I then took the rest of the material, cut it in half, and pinned it to the main panel. One reason why I love to work with a geometric pattern is that it is so easy to match everything together. I sewed the panels together, and then I used a joining stitch so that the seams would lay flat.


I sadly don’t have a serger (maybe in a year or two), so I made up for it by using an overcasting stitch (I had never heard of it or tried it before this project). This basically binds the edge of the fabric, as this one reeeeaaaaally frays. A serger will bind the edge of the fabric too, but it also will trim off the excess fabric. I loved the one that I used at Vanderbilt in the costume shop!


After all of the fabric was overcast-ed, I just folded the fabric over two times (I wanted a really finished look if someone were to see the underside of it), and hemmed it with a simple stitch.



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