The Calm Before the Camp Tucker Storm

Today, we had a fantastic day of shopping, errands, and boating with our family. We started the day with a breakfast at Huddle House (a family tradition). We had a new waitress who wanted to bring us orange juice, despite the fact that no one in my family drinks oj. We are iced tea fanatics. For some reason our usual waitresses (who have served us for 7 years) were nowhere to be found. Maybe they will be there tomorrow when we go back.

We then proceeded to visit every single store in Guntersville to find all of the American flags that were possible. My dad has this terrific idea to decorate the boat house so everyone can see our patriotism tomorrow during the festivities. I don’t know If we have enough flags, but we bought every one we could find. Here’s a helpful hint: don’t go out the day before the 4th of July to get flags. They will be hard to find.

Finally, while Tim and Dad ran to Huntsville to buy a computer to replace the one that crashed, Tee (my big brother), Erin (his wife), and their son Liam arrived! Once everyone got back, we were able to take the boat and jet skis out for some late afternoon lake fun.

Finally, we went to Cracker Barrel for a late dinner and to plan our big Camp Tucker Water Event. Let’s just say that we have 2 plans for this year, and they will actually be fun AND epic. We should be able to get in the Advertiser Gleam for sure!

Tomorrow, the Florida Tuckers will arrive sometime in the afternoon. I can’t wait to see them! It’s been a few years since we were last able to see them.









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1 Response to The Calm Before the Camp Tucker Storm

  1. elly tucker says:

    This is great, Dor. I, for one, LOVE the chaos that is Camp Tucker. There is nothing like a big, dun family!

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