DIY Hokie Reversible Skirt

This is the last DIY skirt post… for a while, at least. I absolutely love my Hokie football team, and when I came across this fabric, I knew I had to have it for my new skirt obsession. I even had enough left over to make a quilt!

This fabric was extremely light and you could very easily see through it. Because I wanted to try something new, I decided to do a true reversible skirt. We’re talking polished seams and edges so you could absolutely wear it on the orange or maroon side.

To start with, I sewed the top seam (so that they were attached), flipped it so that both of the “right” sides of the fabric were facing out, and then I created the elastic “pocket” like in my other skirts.


Next, I sewed the bottom hem, which completely connected them together. At this point, the skirt looked more like a valence that I may hang in a Hokie Paradise. In fact, this was exactly how I made the valences for my classroom!

The last step was to sew the sides together. You can see one finished side with the unfinished/pinned side.


I also realized that I didn’t like the super-long length of the skirt. To fix it, I took about 1.25 inches of fabric and folded it up to create a maroon border. I love this little detail.


To sew it together, I just overlapped the fabric and put a double row of stitches to secure it. You can see in later pictures that I wasn’t exact when piecing the fabric together. Oh well!


The last step was to create the belt, so I could have a finished look. Originally, I was planning on have an orange belt and a maroon belt that could snap onto the dress, but I already had a perfect strip of fabric that was cut off of the bottom of the skirt, and it was already mostly sewn together. I wasn’t going to waste it, so I now have a reversible belt too!

So what is your favorite look?

1. Orange skirt with orange belt

2. Orange skirt with orange belt and rosette (thanks, Thirty-One!)

3. Orange skirt with maroon belt (not pictured)



4. Maroon skirt with maroon belt


5. Maroon skirt with orange belt

6. Maroon skirt with orange belt and Thirty-One rosette



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