Pre Camp Tucker 2012

Well, we made it here! 9.5 hours in the car, but we are here in Sweet Home Alabama! I love it down here: the smell of the water and fish, the beautiful views, the southern hospitality, the thunderstorms, and the water sports!

Tim and I usually try to make it down here a few days before everyone else gets here, as it is nice to have a getaway before the craziness of Camp Tucker starts. I will talk about Camp Tucker in a different post. I have been coming down to the lake since I was born, and this is Tim’s 10th year coming here. I think by this point, he loves it as much as I do.

Although we were able to have a few moments of quiet today, we still managed to squeeze in quite a bit of fun. We went to the Walmart (besides the Piggly Wiggly, this is the best place for groceries and for lake provisions), got a quick visit in with my aunt and uncle before they left again for Huntsville, went to Cathedral Caverns and State Park (to escape the 100 degree heat), took a boat ride and swim with Lucy, and then sat on the back porch while watching a huge thunderstorm hit the lake.

The Cathedral Caverns were incredible. We started with the huge opening at the mouth of the cave, and we ended up 250 feet below the earth’s surface. There were beautiful stalagmite and stalactite at every turn. I can’t wait to get some of my pictures uploaded, so I can share them. For now, feel free to visit their website to get a sneak peek at what we experienced.

I love thunderstorms. They are one of my favorite parts of nature. How terrifying and beautiful all at once. Be in the wrong place, and they are deadly. Sit on the huge back porch at the lake, watch the lightning strike across the water, and watch the mountains, bridge, and causeway slowly disappear as the rain blankets them, and you will be in awe of nature.

For now, I am going to stop writing so that I can enjoy the rest of this storm. My parents and brother come in to town tomorrow, and we will start the Camp Tucker traditions with a huge provisions trip to Costco in Huntsville. Ah, I love a good reunion!









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