Home Emergency Kit

During the storm on June 25, I desperately needed an emergency kit. I needed a flashlight first and foremost, but there were some other items that would have been nice.

This made us think: what do we need for these types of emergencies? True, we could find tons of blogs and lists of important items, but we came up with our own list. We will be assembling this kit ASAP.

1. A flashlight: a good one, like a Maglight. Make sure to store the batteries separately. During the storm and when lights are out, this is easy to stand up, shine on the ceiling to reflect and create more light.

2. Bottled water

3. Treats and food for Lucy: We want to be sure that she thinks being locked in a tiny place is fun. She wasn’t totally scared, and I want to keep it that way. We also want to be sure to have an extra 2 portions of food so it will last her a whole day before we start to worry about her meals. FYI: we feed her 2 times a day.

4. Treats and food for Toby: ditto above.

5. A weather radio: We don’t have one yet. With the tornado warnings that we get during the summer, it is so important to have one. I don’t want to be sleeping through a storm, when we should be taking shelter.

6. Snacks: Make sure they are long-lasting and will fill your stomach.

7. Charger: If you still have power, plug your phone in right away. If you have to evacuate, you will be able to charge at your destination. Tim and I both have the same phone, so we can buy a cheap extra charger for those emergency moments.

8. Blanket: You can use this for keeping warm, laying out a comfy sleeping place, or as a pillow. Also, if you have flying glass, you could use this as a shield over your head. Of course, we will use a Thirty-One About Town Blanket (which can be bought on my website www.mythirtyone.com/dorydoyle

9. Copies of Documents, Etc.: copies of drivers license, cash, emergency phone numbers, insurance info.

10. Backpack: Make sure you have something large enough to hold all of these items with some extra room. I can just picture myself grabbing something at the last minute to throw into the bag: Toby the Cat, my favorite wedding picture, or extra Lucy toys.

So what am I missing? Help me out! Anything that you have realized you would add to your kit?

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3 Responses to Home Emergency Kit

  1. First aid kit and any medicines came to mind. Then I remembered Flylady. I think you’d like her website – all about being organized. Here’s the link to her emergency preparedness page: http://www.flylady.net/d/getting-started/flying-lessons/prepared/

    • timanddory says:

      Thanks so much for the recommendations! You’re right, FlyLady has some great ideas. I am going to have to try Swish and Swipe.

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