Tornado, Microburst, or Wind?

What a day it was yesterday! It started out pretty normal, until the early afternoon. I woke up, took care of Lulu, and created a coordinating bracelet to go with my DIY skirt. Then, I decided to head off to the fabric stores to shop for more material to make more skirts!

At about 2:30, I was heading out of Hancock, when I noticed the sky was reaaaaally dark. We’re talking it-looks-like-it’s-night-but-it’s-2:30-in-the-afternoon dark. I snapped a few pictures on my phone as I was heading home, but they don’t look as ominous as it seemed in real life. All I knew was that Toby the Cat was still outside, and I wanted to get him in before whatever storm that was hit us.

I turned on my car radio to a local channel (which I never do, as I am addicted to XM Radio). **By the way Richmond friends, I need recommendations for good, reliable local channels for situations like this.** The radio voice stated that there was a tornado warning for Louisa, and I let out a sigh of relief. Phew! Far enough away to get a thunderstorm, but nothing too much for us.

I got home (after the car was whipped around my the wind quite a bit), dropped my purchases and purse on the loveseat, and turned on the TV to NBC12, just in time to see the radar looking very bright all around us (bright isn’t good). I saw that we now had the tornado warning here. I heard the weatherman say something like, “I don’t remember seeing this much red in such a large area before,” and then the power went out. That is not the last thing you want to hear before all communication goes dead.

Looking out the window, I couldn’t see to the street due to the rain and wind. I grabbed Lucy out of her crate, threw her collar and leash on, and put her in the bathroom under the stairs. I tried to call to Toby outside, but he was already somewhere hunkered down for the storm, so I knew I had to let him go (although I still called out to him every 5 minutes or so until the storm was over).

To make us more comfortable, I put Lucy’s dog bed in the bathroom with us, along with a flashlight and some matches. What was I going to light? I have no idea, but that was my idea of a spur-of-the-moment emergency kit.


At this point, I called Tim a few times and was finally able to get through to him. While they were evacuating his floor into the basement, I made him stay on the phone with me (he’s such a good husband). Eventually, it looked like we were out of danger, and I stopped hearing the wind, rain, and hail. Lucy and I ventured outside to check on the damage, but not before Toby had proceeded to run up the driveway and into the house with an upset look on his face and the loudest, most obnoxious cry ever.

Our neighborhood and area got hit pretty hard. It seems like most everyone had branches and limbs fall, if not entire trees. Our neighbors across the street had a 50 foot tree break in half, and the top came down and ripped up their fence.


Next to us, our neighbors had one side of the fence just fall over from the wind and rain-soaked ground.


On their other side of their yard, a huge branch took out the fence. Two doors down, the satellite dish is broken and fallen over on their roof. All along the easement, trees have either broken or been uprooted.


Trampolines have been overturned or smashed, deck and patio items are missing or in completely different places. It is crazy!


Last night, we thought that a tornado had touched down. This morning, the weather station stated that it was just winds at 55-70 mph. Thankfully, there were just some small injuries, and nothing major and no deaths. The “stuff” can be fixed and replaced. We are still without power, although everyone around us has it. Hopefully it will come back on soon. I have more serving projects to do!

UPDATE 6/27: Now they are saying that a tornado did touch down in Goochland (the county next to us). Scary stuff!


Other damage in our neighborhood from the storm:




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