DIY Matching Jersey Bracelet

In order to make a coordinating bracelet to go with my new skirt, I again sought the help of Pinterest.

This how-to comes from V and Co, and she has so many really adorable ideas. I found her tutorial here, but I will explain how I did it as well. If you get stuck, her video is really great!

To start, I cut up 3 1-inch segments of fabrics that were about 50 inches long. If you don’t have that much length, you can tie ends together to get the desired length. I really only needed one segment, as my wrists are super-small. To replicate this, you may only need 2 segments.


To start, I tied two segments together. To do this, I cut a small hole in the ends of the two segments. I placed them one on top of the other with the tails facing opposite directions.



This next part was difficult to understand while reading directions, but the video really helped. Again, if you want the video, go here. For the segment that was underneath: take that tail over top of the two holes and feed it down through the holes. Pull until it tightens.




Now you have a very long piece. It’s time to weave it together. Hold a couple inches of the tail with your thumb.


Then, move the fabric behind your ring finger and in front of your pinkie finger.


Circle back behind the pinkie finger and in front of the ring.


Next, circle the whole fabric around both fingers at once (higher than the weaved fabric that you just did).


Take the weaved fabric from both fingers up and over the new piece.


Wrap around both fingers at once again and do the up-and-over step again. Keep repeating this until you are happy with the length.

Once you are satisfied with the length, remove the fabric from your finger carefully, preserving the two loops.


Take that tail that has gradually gotten smaller and feed it through the loops. Tighten and voila!


Depending on how thick you want it, you can have it be very tight around your fingers. If you want it to be really thick, you can use three or four fingers to weave.


Any other tips? Please write them in the comments, and I’ll update this post. Lemme know of you have any questions.

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One Response to DIY Matching Jersey Bracelet

  1. Kathleen says:

    This I love- so hippy! Would be happy to model a headband version for you, haha. I have one similar from Argentina that works as a belt tied on loose t shirts and a headband.

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