Lucy is a dog with quite a personality! Here are some of the things we have learned about her:

1.Lucy loves sticks. Be it on a walk, out in the backyard, or even on the driveway, if she finds a stick, she claims it as her own. They usually get whittled down within 15 minutes. She also loves leaves, pine cones, grass, and rocks. She isn’t picky, and if you don’t watch her carefully outside, she will have something in her mouth within 30 seconds.

2. Lucy is food-driven. The smell of anything yummy makes her forget everything else exists.

3. Lucy definitely has the retriever gene. When we are on a walk with her and she sees a bird, she will stop, sit, and watch it intently.

4. Lucy likes to hide her bully sticks. After a while of chewing on a bully, she will take it and hide it throughout the house. Toby doesn’t always like this. He once pushed her bully all the way down the stairs because he didn’t like that it was “hiding” at the top of the stairs.

5. Lucy will even dig to hide her bullies. She takes them to her crate, digs excitedly until she can get under the towel or blanket, and she puts them there. She now thinks that every single crate has a bully stick hidden in it.

6. Lucy sighs. When she is sleeping, she lets out these audible sighs that just melts our hearts.

7. Lucy lets others take the lead. When she is meeting a new animal, she shifts to one side of her body and lifts one of her front legs. It looks like a wave or salute to us.

8. Lucy wants to play with Toby, but she just doesn’t know how. Toby entices her with a swish of the tail in her face, but he then cries when she tries to play with him.

9. Lucy loves to chew. Yes, she is definitely going through the early stages of teething.

10. Lucy melts your heart with just one look. It makes it incredibly hard to go to work in the morning. She is just so cuddly and lovable! It’s amazing how fast we fell in love with our baby girl.

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