Introducing Lucy Doyle!

We are so pleased to announce the arrival of the newest member of the Doyle family: Lucy!

Lucy is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller for short). They are bundles of energy, and the retriever in them is very strong. We got Lucy from Tina and Anthony Abate (Tiana Tollers), and we are so happy to be a part of the Tiana family now! We first met them back in October when we heard about the breed and wanted to meet them in person. It was difficult to find a breeder in VA, but they live only 40 minutes away! They have done so much to get Lucy ready for her home here with us, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Here’s a glimpse as to her first day with us (April 16, 2011), as written by Tim:

“What an exciting day this was! Lucy has got to be the most incredible puppy!

Lucy was great on the ride home. She was a little sad when we were pulling away (and those whimpers just break your heart, don’t they?) but settled down after a few moments.  She was silent the rest of the way, except for one bark when Dory turned away from her.

We got home, and explored Lucy’s new home, inside and out.  The rain definitely doesn’t slow Lucy down!  Toby even got curious, and they successfully met each other much earlier than we intended.  They were fine together, minus one small hiss and swat when Lucy tried to play a little too soon – lesson learned, and no harm done to either of them, as Toby doesn’t have front claws.

Lucy took a few naps in her crate, and we took those chances to nap as well – we all wore each other out today!

Lucy did great in the storm, even going out for a quick bathroom break after dinner in some rain and thunder.  After the storm, we were all feeling up for a road trip!  Lucy had her first trip to Petco (to find an I love my granddog magnet for our parents) and Home Depot (some extra latches for her crate!), where she was the center of attention.  Everyone loves Lucy, and she was better behaved than we ever could have hoped for.

We ended the night with a quick play date with our friend’s dog, Miranda.  Miranda’s dad, Travis, even attempted (with some success) to teach Lucy how to lie down.  By 8:30, both dogs fell asleep lying next to each other on the floor, and we knew it was time for bed.”

Here are some other pictures from Lucy’s first day:

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