Cabinets are Installed!

It’s here! The day that we have been waiting for! CABINETS!

The Old River guys got here at about 8:40.

The first glimpse of the cabinets:

Within minutes, they brought in the cabinets and got to work.

The first cabinet to go up was the corner cabinet with the fancy Lazy Susan.

At 10:11, all of the upper cabinets were installed.

At 10:20, they brought in the sink and one bottom cabinet. They were attached, and it made for one LONG piece. Check out our peanut tray so that all of our space is usable.

At 1:50, all of the cabinets were in!

All they had left to do was the crown molding.

And, voila! Our cabinets are installed! Once we refinish the hardwoods this summer, we will put on the quarter round.


Now I know what it is to love your kitchen, and half of it is still missing!

We will be getting the appliances tomorrow (only the refrigerator and oven set up, however). The electrician will come on Friday to rework the hood area so we can also have a microwave/hood. David the Granite Guru will come next Thursday to install the granite (!!!!), and then we just have to have the plumber come to hook up the dishwasher. In just 9 days, we will have a fully working kitchen!

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