The Great Flood of 2011

Friday, February 4:

I spent a lovely afternoon and evening with my 4th grade team, enjoying each other’s company greatly! Tim was incredible and started to demo the trim and back splash. He even disconnected the sink. I got home around 9, and we stayed downstairs until about 11. Everything was great, and we went to bed so that we could demolish the kitchen in the morning.

1:15 AM on Saturday, February 5:

I woke up early, thinking that it was raining outside. I went back to sleep.


5:30 AM on Saturday, February 5:

I woke up again, and it was still “raining.” I listened for a bit, and I realized that I wasn’t hearing it outside, but it was inside the house. At first I thought we had a toilet running. But it was a really loud sound of gushing water.

I sprang up in bed and ran downstairs to our kitchen. Water was EVERYWHERE! My feet were splashing as soon as I stepped into the hallway. Water was gushing out of the bottom of the sink cabinet. I yelled for Tim to turn off the water, and within a few seconds he was also splashing through the water. Once we got the water to stop, we ran to get our laundry bin full of beach towels to start cleanup.

We were able to get most of the water up, but we have a professional company coming to really dry the hardwood and tell us if it is damaged beyond repair. Let’s cross our fingers it can be saved!

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