Goodbye Old Kitchen!

The time has come to say goodbye to our old kitchen. This was a love/mostly-hate relationship. We first fell in love with the light-colored kitchen… and then we moved in. We soon found out that someone had taken the old 1987 kitchen and spray painted it white. They didn’t pretreat the surfaces either. Just spray paint! Because of this, paint chips kept flaking off of all surfaces.

We spent our second night in the house (Halloween 2008) putting white contact paper up on every single surface in the kitchen. The shelves were covered. The inside walls of the cabinets were covered. The top of the cabinets were covered. It was gross, and we just put a Band-aid on the problem. We knew that eventually we would need to replace the kitchen.

Fast forward to 2010.

After a year of going back and forth with Old River Cabinets (and getting quotes at other cabinet companies), we finally accepted the estimate and put down a deposit. October 2010.

The day after that, our heat pump died. We had to delay the kitchen for a few months.

Finally, here it is! February 2011, and we are in the final stages of kitchen renovation preparation. We spent this whole week emptying out our kitchen into banker’s boxes (which are amazing!). Now our kitchen is sitting on the floor of our dining room in cute little boxes!

We will be tearing out the kitchen in a matter of hours. Before we do, I would like to say a goodbye in pictures:

Goodbye to the kitchen!

Goodbye to the dated hardware and chipping paint.

Goodbye to the poor spray paint job!

Goodbye contact paper on all surfaces!

Goodbye sink that we could never completely clean.

(Note to self: never have a white sink!)

Goodbye deep cabinets that are unpractical. You can never reach all the way to the back of it.

Goodbye to the stove with caked-on ash. It was there before us, and we could NEVER get that off!

Goodbye dingy fridge.

Goodbye range hood. You never worked and were always icky.

And finally, goodbye to the HUGE fluorescent light.


Kitchen, I will not miss you. You worked for over 2 years for us. You were alright, but you were very quirky. I am happy to see you go. Goodbye!

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