A New Chapter in Our Lives

Happy 2011! It’s a new year, and we are getting ready to start a new chapter in our lives… NO! Not a baby! We are preparing to adopt a dog! We currently have an adorable, cute, horribly-mischievous cat named Toby (he’ll be 5 this April).

Both Tim and I grew up with a dog, but we could never agree on what we wanted. I wanted a Shih-Tzu. Tim wanted a big dog. I still wanted a small dog, and he wanted a big, strong, friendly dog. Then we did one of those online dog quizzes, and our top match was a breed we had never heard of before: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. What is that? It looks similar to a small version of a golden retriever. The personality is very different, but this gives you an idea of their look.

We found a breeder (the only one in Virginia recommended by the Toller club) just about 30 minutes away, and we went to meet with them one Saturday this fall. We fell in love! This was the breed for us! They are medium size (perfect compromise), sweet, kind, energetic, water-loving (great for Lake Guntersville), and beautiful! We found a video about the top 10 reasons why NOT to adopt a toller. This only made us fall in love more!

The breeder has bred their youngest dog, and she is due with puppies on January 28. We don’t know if we will get a puppy or not yet (they match the dogs to the owners for personality and fit), but we are seriously crossing our fingers! We have Puppy Fever to the nth degree!

Now it just comes to names. Right now, we love the name Lucy for a girl. For boys, we are undecided: Linus, Hurley, Dexter, Buster, and Dug. Feel free to comment with your suggestion, but don’t be offended when we make our final decision! 🙂

Video: Top Ten Reasons Not to Get a Toller (With Chester)



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